While I can do a lot with the selections available in stock or special orderable through the “big box” stores and closer sources… but usually a visit either via website or in person to Specialty Shops like the Tile shop in Canton, or Great Lakes Granite & Marble, or the Rock Shoppe in Plymouth will give you much more to choose from.  These are just 1 example of each, there are many other such single specialty suppliers in the area.

(If you are browsing, just don’t accidentally commit to any purchases, estimates, or installation until we are both ready!)


The Tile Shop in Canton might have the inspiration you need to fill in some blanks.



And a great selection of granite, quartz, and marble exists at Great Lakes Granite & Marble.


or directly:      Granite        Quartz       Marble 


And veneer stone at the Rock Shoppe in Plymouth



We even offer custom concrete counter tops created in our own shop.

These are professionally made concrete countertops… not from a diy kit, but built completely at our shop from scratch.  So we can tint, choose sand, choose aggregates, grind and polish to achieve the right look.  We use a special white portland cement and a variety of tints for a full range of colors.  There is almost no limit to the things you can do with that durable surface.