Our Approach

Mission Statement:

“Build goodwill through honest interactions, striving to provide more value to each customer for the work performed than we receive in compensation.” 

Our Story

Level Up Contracting LLC was started by, myself, Essen Davis.   I am a Michigan licensed Residential Homebuilder and I also currently work as a professional Firefighter/Paramedic for a local department.  I went to school at Trenton High, in Michigan, the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Central Florida Emergency Services Institute in Orlando, and various other building and computer related courses.  I have lived and worked in Michigan, Colorado, and Florida and have been back in Michigan about 15 years, now.  Though I have been doing side construction work for 20 years in nearly every specialty, and building furniture as a hobby, it wasn’t until my kids were both in high school before I earned my builder’s license and formed Level Up Contracting LLC.  Now they are off on their college and post college journeys.

Honest Work

I am trustworthy. I have been employed by a professional Fire Department since 1999.  And the honor code instilled in me as a young man at the United States Air Force Academy was: “We will not lie, steal, or cheat, nor tolerate among us anyone who does.”  I still live by it to this day.  For many residential construction jobs, the contractor needs a key and unrestricted access to your house… and directs the spending of your money on our word and recommendation…  that responsibility is never taken lightly.  I only work with subcontractors I trust and am present with them unless you and I arrange otherwise.  Even so, I annually purchase a dishonesty/theft bond for your peace of mind.

Why I’m Different

Ditchdigger’s School: “Raymond! Keep your eyes on your own work!” -copyright Gary Larson

I understand that at the simplest level, a contractor’s job is to take the time to understand what it is that you want to achieve, and then together we come up with a plan to direct your wallet to achieve that goal most efficiently to that end, and to protect you from the many pitfalls that exist.  To do the job properly, a careful balancing act takes place.  Sometimes I’m a boss, sometimes a designer, sometimes a fine craftsman, sometimes a skilled worker, sometimes I’m even a ditch digger.  How I weight out the balancing act is not by profit or ease… but by not taking lightly your trust in me to make decisions in your best interest.  It is the performance of my craft with honestly and good workmanship that I believe leads to all of our referrals.  It is that ability to turn one customer into many that truly drives our company profit… not making as much short term profit as we can from each individual customer.

My Schedule

I have been at different ends of many of the codes and building construction for nearly 20 years.  To me, the building code (the way we build structures) is a common sense contract between the builder, the occupant, the neighbors, the pricetag, and the rescuer.

Due to the inflexible scheduling of days when I must be the rescuer, there are about 12 days per month where I cannot be on the jobsite.  I take jobs on where this will not be a hindrance. It works very well with kitchen remodels.  It is a fixed schedule of days that I will not be available on site that is known beforehand and provided to you to reference in your bid folder.

“I care about my customers, my employees, and our reputation… and I let that drive how we operate as a business.  Will you notice a difference trusting us with your home improvement needs over our competition?  I certainly hope so.”      -Essen Davis

Next Steps…

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